Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What's growing at Day Brighteners right now?

Julie and I hiked over to the large area by the Stand and saw that coming up are: pole beans-green and scarlett; snow peas, peas, radishes-2 kinds and beets.  Last week Heather, Ryan and I planted out some pumpkins, watermelon seeds and lots of sunflower seeds.  The pumpkins are doing fine, sun and rain, what a perfect recipe for success.

daisies and chives living in harmony watching
over the peppers sprouting their first flowers.

Can't eat the cilantro fast enough, it's
gone to seed but the new batch is coming up in between,
I'll use the seeds again and again and again . . .

The boxed greens bed is now completely planted, finished that this morning.
It is astonishing how fast everything grows.  

Tom's getting a grass cut in before the sun sets, lookin' good Tom.
The lettuces in the Greenhouse are going to seed, but that's okay - I need the space to plant more cukes, tomatoes and peppers.  Cilantro seems to love the Greenhouse so it can live in there this summer.  We opened up the sides of the Greenhouse Monday, tonight we're taking the plunge and leaving the trays of plants outside to harden off and the sides and doors up (yikes).
I was out at 5:30 a.m. today (best to be up before the bugs find me) planting summer squashes, pattypans and zukes- more varieties this year and planting a lot earlier than last year - of course I think it rained until summertime last year, didn't it?
Am tired, getting up early tomorrow to start on herb pots for the Farmers' Market starting this Sunday (plug).    
Next week we'll get all the field tomatoes out the field, some cukes, herbs, more squashes - and need to must have to definitely will get the rest of those potatoes in soon. Good night.

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