Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Sprouts are . . . sprouting - yippee!

As it turns out, sprouts are actually better for you than any plant you can eat.  All of the nutrition and goodness is in the seed - so let's eat these wonderful little tidbits of crunchiness and deliciousness on everything.  
I can't go a day without sprouts now that we've begun eating them.  
January and February are the months for indoor learning, been watching gardening advice videos which I purchased last year and hadn't had time to look at yet and reading everything I can on seed starting, organic sustainable growing, am planning and will be starting seeds over the next several weeks.  Some will be planted indoors, some in the Greenhouse, which was 12 degrees Celsius yesterday, so nice and lovely warm.  

Since you asked . . . A few of you have asked what sprouts I'm growing.  Just to start, I picked up a Spring Salad mix, which contains seeds of broccoli, radish, red clover and alfalfa.  If you know me at all, I get bored very easily.  So I'll be picking up different varieties this weekend.  I figure in no time I'll be making my own mix but am reluctant to do so until I get the gist of this whole sprouting thing and what works best together.  It's very addictive I must say. 

Remember to let me know if you'd like to be added to our Weekly Delivery List, no obligation up front, but how will you resist once you know what colourful goodness we'll be bringing to your door.    


Friday, 9 January 2015

Weekly delivery 2015

See how you can be added to our weekly delivery - read November 21 post for details - or call for more info. We currently deliver to North Grenville and Ottawa's West End and Centertown.  We're adding Merrickville this year as our customers are there too.

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c'mon sunshine, warm us up here

Happy 2015!  Happy longer days ahead!   

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and remained healthy.  So many people around had flues or colds.  It's easy to get run down at such a busy time.  So far, so good around here.  

I received some wonderful gardening, cooking from the garden and greenhouse books that I've been reading every minute I can.  

EcoFarmDay, run yearly by Canadian Organic Growers, is also coming up in February, it's always a good learning session and nice to hook up with other local organic farmers.

I'm also reading everything I can about sprouts, will start that once the house gets back to some normality.  That back room which had everything shoved into it that didn't belong in the main part of the house has gotten out of control, again.  The bookkeeping is priority right now.  Once the seed sowing starts, there'll be no turning back.  

The Greenhouse is dark inside, unfortunately the roof is covered with ice that's not coming off in the near future.  Thus, no salad greens for a while.  
We've set up the new Greenhouse with tables, had electricity installed and will be setting up seed trays, heating mats and lights in a few weeks.  
The planning of all of this is stirring around in my head every waking moment, and there are a lot of waking moments with the recent full moon in play.  I'll be applying these ideas to the online garden planner in the next week or so, then let the games begin!

We're presently getting 2 - 3 eggs a day now from our four little silky hens, some days none.  

I've used the last of the frozen garden tomatoes and haven't been out to see if I can buy any local, still have lots of our frozen peppers. 

So, back to the books now and then the planning begins - yippeee!