Given what we are all going through right now and how many people are keen on growing their own food, my prices are lower than previous years.  Growing your own food and having a garden can be the best and most enjoyable stress relievers and I’d like to help you make this happen. 

FLOWERS, Edible  $3 each
Shingku (Edible Chrysanthemum)

HERBS  $2 each
Basil, Italian Large Leaf
Basil, Greek
Parsley, Large Leaf Italian

HOT PEPPERS  $3 each
Alma Paprika – not really a hot pepper but spicy, can be eaten in salads, yellow/orange/red as they ripen
Cayenne – foot long fruits
Hot Portugal
Long Red Cayenne

TOMATOES  $3 each
Black Prince
Green Zebra
Purple Russian
Striped Roman
Tangerine Orange
Terra Cotta

TOMATOES, cherry  $3 each
Amethyst Cream
Black Cherry
Yellow Cherry
Yellow Pear


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  2. I've been asked to post my prices. Each week, if I have more product than my regular customers have ordered, I post my prices for those items. Generally, I follow the Organic Price Tracker. If there's a great difference from the lower to the higher ends, I choose one sort of in the middle of those. I believe everyone should be able to afford to eat well to ensure good overall health.
    I start some extra plants in early Spring as some people might not have the means (or inclination) to do this themselves and sell them in late May. Once I've set those prices, I will post them.
    Contact me by phone or email if you're interesting in being added to my Weekly Delivery List.
    Thanks. Jo