Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pretty Busy - how is it that it's June already?

The first Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers' Market for 2012 was last weekend amid the hubbub of The Dandelion Fesitval.  Rydell (Thomas' band) played Friday night, terrific down east band Stanfield had everyone hopping Saturday night.  We opened the roadside Stand Saturday, small turnout of customers but the exposure is good, hoping to catch some of those garage sale shoppers on their way by.
Last Sunday at the KKFM was the BEST market we've EVER had!  It was so wonderful to see everyone, what a social scene too.  The weather was perfect, the farmers' (not a full house due to the longer hours last week) were happy to be back, seeing each other, greeting visitors - it felt really great to be part of it all.
But oh no - we were too busy to take pictures, the 11:00 to 4:00 long day seemed like just a couple of hours and it was all done for another week.
Tom left at 4:15 a.m. today to attend a funeral in Oakville, I picked up Thomas at 7:30 a.m. we planted more potatoes and sunflowers in the rain, now the sun is out, we've eaten a good lunch and out we go again to weed and plant more - cukes, herbs, peppers, I planted about 50 tomatoes during the week - and then the KKFM again tomorrow 2-4.  Today was the Giving Garden planting day as well - and it's only 1:00 now - plenty of day left.  We're missing Heather - she's in Alaska!
If you can't make it out to the Stand Saturday morning or the Market Sunday afternoon and you need:  plants or salad greens, just call me 613-258-7970, I can accommodate during the week.
And we're very excited to see the broccoli is coming along quite nicely along with the new greens planted.
Will try to take pics. bfn

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