Thursday, 17 May 2012

We've been making stuff happen - ahh Spring

Tom was taking a picture of a little red squirrel sleeping on a tree branch, but about 1' in front of the camera a woodpecker thought he'd steal the show.
Then the squirrel woke up, it's cute how cat-like he is, stretching his front, then his back.

Back inside, the houseplants are craving for attention, we almost missed FOUR consecutive passionflowers in bloom last week.  I'm out so early in the morning now and we have our coffee outside every chance we get.

As boring as this may be to someone else, this is quite exciting for us.   We now have plowed patches for pumpkins and sunflowers.  Aren't they beautiful? 

We got the call that our 155 pounds of seeds potatoes were in -Tim and I went to Berwick to collect them.  Heather, Tom and I planted about 300 seeds on a stinkin' hot afternoon in the sun digging a hole for each, bending, covering, marking rows (huff puff). Then Tim told us how to do it properly after that.  So with about 1500 more to plant we put the plow back on (we had exchanged it for the discs thinking we were done with plowing).  So we're getting quite proficient at interchanging tractor implements. 
Then last Monday I looked out at the field, the dandelions were a foot tall and they were going to seed in a day or two.  We HAD to cut the grass, how did they all grow so fast??? I told Tom this was an urgent situation and it had to be done right away, no options, work could wait, we can work in the office at night if we need to, but the grass had to be cut.  The mower took somewhere between 2-3 hours to put on, next time it won't take so long, but why on earth would Mr. Massey-Harris want to make our lives so difficult on a Tuesday morning while we could hear the dandelions laughing at us while they grew?  Oh my.

 Fast track to this weekend, the beds inside the Greenhouse are coming along nicely.  We're still eating lettuce from the December planting and the garlic runs down the middle of the center beds. I don't have it in me to pull them out so we're sort of transplanting around them and the toads are getting really annoyed every time we alter their living space.  Oh well, they always look grouchy anyway.  We also raised the "greens" bed with old boards Michelle had given to us a couple of years ago, some of which we used for the roadside stand.

There's so much beauty around us in the Spring, so many colours, so many smells - mmmmmmmmm.

Can you just smell the lilacs?  On Monday night, Katie and the boys noticed there was a butterfly on almost each and every blossom.  I've been here 20 years and never saw that before.

I couldn't resist going out this evening after closing up the Greenhouse, the sun was low, but quite intense, it was pretty steamy in there as you can see by the pictures.  This is truly my happy place.  Friends know where I am if they come by, except the one time when Heather knocked on the door at 7 a.m. and I had done too much the day before, too much sun, too many black fly bites, hurt all over. I usually start the morning in there around 6:30somethingish and then sigh at the end of the day when we close it up and say good night to all of our babies.

The raised beds are coming along quite nicely.
Garlic and trays of plants to be sold and put into gardens in and outside the Greenhouse.
Lettuce planted in December-doubles in size each day.

Evening sun - lovin' it

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