Thursday, 17 May 2012

Opening Date and Hours

I thought I should mention that I was awake most of the other night filled with worry as to how I could possibly be ready to open the Roadside Stand on the long May weekend.  The answer eventually became quite clear.  I can't.
As this year May 24 is not really May 24, it's too early to transplant the little darlings I've been growing for you since March.  Executive decision - I am going to enjoy going to my son Thomas' band's show Friday night and relax with my daughter Julie and her Matt this weekend while they visit us from that City where they insist upon living.
The STAND will be OPEN SATURDAY MAY 26, 9 A.M. TO NOON.  We'll have plants for you to buy, greens for you to bring home.  I'll try my best to get a price list for you by then.  The office is very busy right now and there's still more planting to do this week.
So please drop in even just to say Hi.
And as always, I'm usually in the office so you can call me on my home phone and leave a message saying if you want to drop by another time that isn't Saturday morning.
For you I am open.
Thanks.  See you soon.

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