Thursday, 17 May 2012

WE couldn't be BUSIER if we tried.

A week ago, I was saying "Pshaw, it's not even the middle of May yet, no worries, plenty of time." Ya right!  Then everything (including weeds) started to grow so fast.  We decided to raise the beds in the Greenhouse encouraged greatly by a workshop run by the KKFM presented by Tim Aubin.  Off to the lumber store we went to get lovely-smelling 8x8x2s and hardware.  The temperature in the Greenhouse goes from 5 to 20 in the first hour of the day, gotta up-pot seedlings, haul in soil from the humongous pile and water everything in there before you can't breathe at 50 deg.C.  The irrigation system will be put in place next week, in the meantime, it's rainbarrels which fill remarkably fast after a day of rain.  Here's some pics before raised beds.

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