Monday, 2 February 2015

oh the sprouts

were very popular last week.  Once I catch up to all of you, then I can try to keep up.  
And it turns out I've popped a rib.  It's a good thing those chickens are so cute and provide us with the loveliest of eggs, because it's hauling the large container of hot water (a gigantic hot water bottle so to speak) for them these cold nights, that did this.  I went to see our local super Natural Doctor (super and natural being two words, I don't think Shawn is supernatural, or maybe he is).  He sent me to the adorable and smartest chiropractor Heather who pressed and poked and jumped on my acheyness and then told  me I need to go back to do this again tomorrow!
So I'm moving slow . . . and disliking it very much but better in January than in May, although if it was May, the chickens wouldn't have needed the warmth and my body would be stronger too.  Don't ya just love winter?

That was last week's email to our customers.  Fast forward to today - it's been active around here. 

Last Friday I received a phone call from Norm at Multi-Shelter.  I think that the customer service at Multi-Shelter (which is the company from where we bought our newest Greenhouse in November) is exemplary.  From their website to the delivery process, then the availability of their staff and now the followup.  Norm was contacted by someone who saw on my blog there was ice on my Greenhouse.  Norm called to help me with that.  I quickly explained that the ice was on the old Greenhouse which I had purchased used (will never do that again) and it was re-constructed in pieces at the time, and not on his Greenhouse.  But isn't that great service?  Thanks Norm and Andrea.  

I also heard from Dominic at Wilf & Ada's Diner in Ottawa.  He and we are connecting again this year for hot peppers.  The entire first Greenhouse will be devoted to hot peppers for his Famous Hot Pepper Sauce.

My son is on his way home tomorrow from Victoria - yippee!  What weather to come home to eh?
Now the seed starting will begin in full force, no turning back, no stopping us.  I've not been able to do much in that respect since I can't lift anything heavy.  Bags of seed starter are heavy.    

In the meantime, I picked up more varieties of sprout seeds at Rainbow Foods this weekend so we'll have a constant supply for all of you sprout lovers.  If you're not on our weekly delivery list (and I can't imagine why you aren't) you can pick up our Sprouts at Heather's Healthy Harvest at the Raina Mall in Kemptville.  She's open Tuesday to Sunday.  She tells me that the Sprouts go from our hand to hers and to her customers' in about 10 minutes.  Poplular?  Ya.  

Have a great week.  

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