Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Days are getting longer - email to customers of Feb 11

- this is very promising, the days are definitely warmer - we'll ignore those awfully cccccold nights for now.  
I started hundreds of hot pepper plants this week and some edible flowers.  Just came in from removing lots of snow from the roof of the little old greenhouse, the new Greenhouse has a peaked roof and has a little tiny bit of snow but the sun will take care of that.  
My popped rib is mending but I'm told it'll take another couple of weeks before I can get back to the arm wrestling competitions :-)

I've started the 2015 Garden Planner, now that's exciting.  
Our tomato sauce and salsas have come to an end for now.  I'll pick up more lovely tomatoes from SunTech once available and get back into sauce making whilst dreaming of delicious heirloom and roma tomatoes ripening on the vines outside basking in the sun with their fellow onions, cabbages, carrots, beets, cucumbers, parsnips - oh stop!  Soon. Soon ... must wait.  

I`ll report in next week.  Have a great every day from now until then.  

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