Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Everything is back to normal

i haven't been away, just doing other things like working in my husband's office last week, interviewing and hiring.  The office week is over and I’m back in my own world now.   I'm done interviewing and in the midst of choosing the best members for the Team.  

The log/record keeping/journal I referred to a few emails ago is proving itself very useful this week.  I’m looking back over the last couple of years to see when certain seeds were sown and my notes which tell me to hold off on some things and don’t bother with others.  I am in the process of starting fresh microgreens, several flavours of basil, more herbs, flowers and some hot peppers.  The bright days (never mind all that snow) are very inspiring while I collect and wash trays and pots from storage, then carefully choose which seeds will be meticulously placed in tiny 1” cells or gently sprinkled on top of seed starter in pots and spritzed.  Everything sown from here on will need my attention every single day until they are up-potted, some several times, and eventually moved out to their designated spots in the gardens.  I am in my happy place – until April when my happy place will be outside and in the greenhouses. 

I ordered seed potatoes today, some reds, yellow and russets – totalling 100 pounds!  They’ll arrive in May to be planted shortly thereafter.

The menu is compact this week, next week will be larger:
Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  I’ll make it when you order
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar  I’ll make it when you order
Hummus:   chickpeas*, tahini*, olive oil*, lemon juice*, roasted garlic*, a teeny bit of hot pepper flakes and cumin  (*organic)  $5 250/mL jar   I’ll make it when you order
SPROUTS, Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  $3 / bag
SPROUTS, Spring Salad Mix  (broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa)  $3 / bag
Tomato Sauce  $6 /500mL jar  sealed
Tomatoes, cherry, dehydrated  $2 /snack bag
Tomatoes, frozen   $4 /4Cup package  great for sauces and soups
Tomatoes, Gardeners’ Delight (ping pong ball size) frozen whole  $3 pound

I look forward to receiving Your Special Order.  Call or email me with amounts you’d like and any questions.  



Until next post, have a great every day.

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