Wednesday, 6 September 2017

more new foods each week

The Online Store was not for me … right now … I might try again in the new year.  I just don’t have any more time to put into it right now.  I’m in the throes of harvesting, sorting, cooking, canning, dehydrating and all the things those of us with gardens do in the fall, which does not allow extra time for constant work at a system that seems to not have been meant for my business.  I’m told it’s meant for someone who doesn’t change their inventory on a regular basis.  I knew we were unique here, but I guess unique isn’t a good thing when setting up an online store.  Oh well. 

I do want to remind you that you can now order almost any day of the week, keeping in mind that Salad Greens are cut, washed and packed every Thursday and only available the few days afterwards while they last.  Everything else here is easily accessible on a daily basis with twenty-four hours’ notice to ensure your vegetables are picked and delivered as fresh as possible.  Monday is the exception.  That’s the day I need to take care of my house.

Fresh goodness ready this week for you is as follows:
Beans  $3/pound   you can order ½ pound if you like
Beets, red and golden  $3/pound
Beet Greens  $3 bunch
Carrots  $3 bag
Carrot TOPS  free with your order if you need them for your little bunnies or horses, etc.
Celery  $2 bunch
Chard  $3 bag
Cucumbers  $2 each
Garlic  $3, $2, or $1 each
Garlic  $12 / pound
Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar
Herbs, fresh:   bay leaf, citrus thyme, dill, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme  $2 each  
Kale  $3 bunch
Mizuna, Red Streaks  $2 bag
Mizuna, Green  $2 bag
Onions, yellow  $2.50 / pound
Onions, large sweet Ailsa Craig  $2.50 pound
Onions, sweet Spanish  $2.50 / pound
PESTO, basil (frozen now) $4.50 125mL jar 
Radicchio  $2 each
Radishes  SURPRISE!  $2 bunch
Salad Greens  $5 / bag
Salsa, fresh made today  $4 /250mL jar
SPROUTS, Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  $3 / bag
SPROUTS, Spring Salad Mix  (broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa)  $3 / bag
Sunflower SHOOTS  $2 bag
Swiss Chard   $3 bunch
Tomatoes, cherry  $3 / pound
Tomatoes, heirloom $3 / pound  please let me know if you’d like all large or a mix
Zucchini  $6 or $4 each  I only have LARGE ones right now, good for baking

Day Brighteners is a non-certified organic farm, where we practice sustainability and environmentally-friendly farming.  We always use non-GMO and organic/heirloom seeds.  You are very welcome to drop by most days, but calling or emailing first is a good idea.  We do appreciate your business very much and would like to hear from you with any comments or questions you have.   

I look forward to receiving Your Special Order.  Call or email me with amounts you’d like and any questions you may have. 

Until next post, have a great every day.

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