Sunday, 3 September 2017

Do We Have Tomatoes?

DO we have tomatoes? Do WE have tomatoes? Do we HAVE tomatoes? Do we have TOMATOES?
Oh yes, we do have tomatoes!  Despite what you may think the weather has thrown at us, our approximately 10,000 square foot tomato garden has produced a staggering amount of beautiful heirlooms for us.
a sample of some of the larger heirloom tomatoes we have, some of the Black from Tulas are as big as your face
 weighing in at 1.5 pounds, others are a good sandwich size like the Oxheart, then there's the fabulous flavours
 of the Tangerine Orange, the Blanche du Quebec and Thorburn's Terra Cotta, the pink Carletons,
the round red fruit of the Rideaus and Scotias and Stupice.

 ceylons looking like mini-pumpkins,
red and yellow pear, various reds like gardener's delight
and my favourite amethyst cream
looking as delicious as they taste.

some pretty crazy looking toms here, but so much flavour

various pastes for the sauces, San Marzano, Gilbertie,
Roma, Black Plum, Black Prince, Orange Banana,

ya, picked a few, just a few

picked a few more
fresh salsa supplied in low flat jars, easier for dipping

So far, we've made fresh salsa, almost a hundred jars of tomato sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes which we froze for future months and dehydrated dozens.  I'll be making more sauce today and starting on the salsa to be processed into jars for upcoming months.

The wake up temperature Saturday morning of 2C seems to have not bothered the plants out in the garden.  It looks like the week ahead will give us some warmer nights which means many many many more tomatoes to come.

If you'd like to order tomatoes, I'm pleased to deliver them to you if you're in my delivery range or you could pick them up here.  You can order as many as you like whenever you like.  Just give me 24 hours to pick fresh for you.  All tomatoes are $3 a pound.  You can mix them up or order only large, only paste, only cherry - whatever you're heart desires.  We have them.

As well as the beloved tomatoes, the following foods are available right now:
Beets  $3/pound
Beet Greens  $3 bunch
Carrots  $3 bag
Carrot Tops  free with your order if you need them for your little bunnies or horses, etc.
Celery  $2 bunch
Chard  $3 bag
Cucumbers  $2 each
Garlic  $3, $2, or $1 each
Garlic  $12 / pound
Herbs, fresh:  basil, bay leaf, citrus thyme, dill, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme  $2 bunch  
Kale  $3 bunch
Mizuna, Red Streaks  $2 bag
Mustard Greens   $3 bunch
Onions, yellow  $2.50 / pound
Onions, sweet Spanish  $2.50 / pound
Radicchio  $2 each
Swiss Chard   $3 bunch
TOMATOES, cherry  $3 / pound
TOMATOES, heirloom $3 / pound

Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar

Pesto, basil (frozen now) $4.50 125mL jar 

Sprouts, Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  $3 / bag

IMPORTANT:  Please do not use the Online Store as it seems to not work for everyone.  Email or call with your order.


Until next post, have a great every day.

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