Wednesday, 27 September 2017

I LOVE tomatoes

And peppers and onions and garlic and beets and carrots and chard and kale and potatoes and … okay I’ll stop now. 

We’ve been kind of busy here, making tomato sauce and more tomato sauce and since I picked up over 200 pounds of apples on Monday we’re also making applesauce – lots and lots of tomato sauce and applesauce – oh my.

200 pounds of apples

we found something to do with those apples

and the dehydrator gets some apples too

Just a heads up – we’re going to skip Salad Greens this week for a few reasons, the main two being:

1.       I need all hands on deck tomorrow to pick more tomatoes.  Temps might drop to close to zero in the next several nights and I don’t want to be out there picking up what’s left by myself on the weekend. 
2.      The Salad Greens could do a little more growing this week to ensure we will all have plenty for Thanksgiving weekend coming up. 

I’ve also decided to let the beets and carrots grow for another several days to be their best for you next weekend.  Granola, Fresh Salsa and Pesto are also off the menu today but will be back next week.  I simply don’t have the time to make these items on top of getting all the tomatoes roasted right now.  We picked several pounds of beans yesterday and will again tomorrow. 

BUT next week, adding back the usual Salad Greens, Fresh Salsa, Pesto and Granola, there will be extra wonderfulness for you and your guests and perhaps some gift-giving, specifically Applesauce and Tomato Sauces.

No need to despair though, we have the following this week:
Beans  $3/pound   you can order ½ pound if you like
Celery  $2 bunch
Chard  $3 bag
Garlic  $3, $2, or $1 each
Garlic  $12 / pound
Herbs, fresh:   bay leaf, cilantro, citrus thyme, dill, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme  $2 each bunch
Kale  $3 bunch
Leeks  $3 / bunch
Onions, yellow  $2.50 / pound
Onions, large sweet Ailsa Craig  $2.50 pound
Onions, red multiplier  $2.50 pound
Onions, sweet Spanish  $2.50 / pound
Potatoes, red and fingerlings  $2 pound
Radicchio  $2 each
SHOOTS, Pea  $2 / bag
SHOOTS, Sunflower  $2 / bag
SPROUTS, Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  $3 / bag
SPROUTS, Spring Salad Mix  (broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa)  $3 / bag
Tomatoes, cherry  $3 / pound
Tomatoes, heirloom $3 / pound  Order as many as you like, we have lots.

That’s not so bad a list for the end of September, I’d say.

I look forward to receiving Your Special Order.  Call or email me with amounts you’d like and any questions you may have.  Remember you can order any day.  Give us 24 hours to pick freshest for you.  I deliver to Ottawa and Merrickville either Saturday or Sunday each weekend. 

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