Sunday, 30 July 2017

Stuff is growing here - big time

I found my camera.  Oddly enough, it was right where I left it 😏.
little Indigo Rose cherry tomatoes - should be ready this week?
I haven't grown these before so I'll keep watching them

so many tomatoes on each plant
I understand plants send out an SOS to grow more seeds or fruit, which of course contains seeds, when they feel threatened, and threatened they must be with constant attempted drownings from day to day.  Some tomatoes I've not grown before like the Oxhearts have a large amount of huge tomatoes, but the plants themselves appear to be dying off, basically drowning.  Oh I hope the fruits turn red soon.

huge yes
lots of fruit

these Purple Russians really want to be ready in time
for the party - what party? - they seem to know

yes!  they are starting to turn colour - whew - I thought
this was never going to happen 

tomato plants as far as the eye can see - well not really but
loads of tomato plants doing very well

heirloom romaine getting nice and plump for eatin'

happy cukes and carrots - to be ready soon, very soon

I see you hiding behind those big leaves

ah ha! you can't hide from me

Jimmy Nardello (that sounds so cool)
peppers are starting to colour up 

Bullnose peppers getting ready to go to your house

eggplants getting bigger in the greenhouse

 Just wanted to share my happy place with you.

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