Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It is definitely growing season here now

A lot is happening here these days.  
The basil inter-planted between the tomatoes and in various gardens is doing great.  
Garlic should be ready to harvest in a week or so. 
Green onions are plentiful.  
My bay plant must love the un-sunshine as it’s growing better than any I’ve had in the past.  
I always think how peculiar it is that dill and cucumbers aren’t ready at the same time.  That’s why we’re growing it at different stages, in the hope both foods will meet eventually.  
White onions are big enough to share with you right now.  They are great flavour raw sliced thinly.  
We pick the kale plants clean every week and every week they grow back hardier, which is quite amazing. 
Eggplants in the greenhouse are doing better than the ones in the garden, which is the way it should be, otherwise why a greenhouse at all.   
We might be eating carrots in a couple of weeks.  
I’m really betting on red tomatoes soon (think positive happy encouraging thoughts).  
Pole beans are rapidly reaching for the sky.  Bush beans are producing but not quite enough for orders yet.  I pushed more beans, peas and snow peas into the ground this weekend so they’ll come about in a few weeks adding themselves to the ones already growing. 

I’m out of granola myself so will be making it again this week.  Let me know if you’d like some.

Here are some pictures of everything growing here so you can enjoy and get excited along with us about the foods to come.
some pansies and sweet william for our salads

sweet william up close

stunning calendula flowers

tomatoes trying their very best to be red or whichever
of the many colours they intend to be

bachelor buttons hanging out with calendula and
sunflowers - who planted the sunflowers in there?

varieties of basil plants

cucumbers climbing our hand-made trellises 

first planting of carrots growing for us

mostly onions here

eggplant currently the size of ... an egg, oddly.

one happy bay leaf plant

I have to say that the mosquitoes are absolutely brutal out there chewing on any skin we might leave exposed, which is sometimes lots due to the high temperatures.  No pictures of mosquitoes are there – who needs that negativity? 

Eats this week are:

Beets  $3/pound
Beet Greens  $3 bunch
Edible flowers   $3 bag
Garlic Scapes:  $3 bunch of 15
Green Garlic  It’s picked fresh, to be used right away, not cured yet, mild garlic flavour  $2 each
Green Onions:  $2 bunch of 10
Herbs, fresh:  bay leaf, cilantro, citrus thyme, dill–so much beautiful fresh dill, mint, rosemary, sage, tarragon   $2 bunch  
Herb Mix: a mix of several fresh herbs  $3 bunch   let me know if there’s an herb you’re not fond of
Kale  $3 bunch
Lettuce heads:  flame, heirloom romaine, speckled, tennis ball, red salad bowl  $3 mixed bag   
Mustard Greens   $3 bunch
Onions, white  NEW  $2.50/pound
Salad Greens, washed and table ready:  includes green spinach, strawberry spinach, wild spinach, orach, celery tops, sorrel, arugula, parsley, lovage, mustard, cress and various soft and crunchy lettuces and other green stuff growing on the property and edible flowers  $5 bag   
Swiss Chard   $3 bunch

Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar
I make it fresh when you order  

Pesto, garlic scape  $4.50
Pesto, basil  $4.50 125mL jar

Plants, basil:  Genovese, Greek, Lemon or Thai  $2 each  See picture attached.

Sunflower Shoots  $2 bag  

I grow sprouts for those who have regular weekly delivery.  If you want me to grow some for you, please let me know.  It’s certainly do-able.  I don’t like to waste the seeds if the sprouts aren’t going to be delivered to someone. 

If you'd like to purchase any of the above items, I'm happy to provide them if available after our regular customers have ordered.  If you want to know how to receive delivery of our nutritional goodness, see Contact information and email or call me.  Thanks.
Until next post, have a great every day.  

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