Saturday, 20 May 2017

I haven’t been absent or sick, just really, really busy operating the seeding, greenhouse maintenance, indoor to outdoor transition of peppers, seedling growth and dancing around the weather, particularly the nights and their coldness.  I’m losing track of how many times I have folded up the frost blankets, put them away and brought them back out again.  No more I say – no more - ya right.

I’m posting a list of the plants for sale this week and the next couple of weeks.  I strongly caution unless you have a plan in place for protecting these little babies, please don’t put them in the ground yet.  I started the tomatoes so they would be ready for transplanting during the last week of May and first week of June, which is when I’ll be putting mine in.   Some of the hardier plants, of course, can go in now if your garden is prepared, which we’re still working on here.  

We’ve transplanted some kale, chard, lettuces and herbs and are growing spinach and mesclun mix from seed in the outdoor beds – they all seem to be doing well.  Remember to put row cover over brassicas and arugula or the bugs will destroy every single plant while you’re sleeping.   

You can purchase your favourite plants from me now.  I’m happy to hold them for you until the right time. 

Please go to my Prices tab to see the list of available plants for your gardening pleasure this season. 


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