Wednesday, 15 March 2017

so this is March

a month later and we look like this

kinda like last month but more snow
even though we've had grass that looked like it was greening up, lots of warmth, started most of our seedlings for the season and continue to grow microgreens, pea shoots, sunflower shoots and basil indoors.

We took the top and bottom of an old futon and made seedling tables with legs on wheels - that's pretty cool I think.

We prepped the raised beds in both greenhouses and covered them with straw and plastic to warm up the soil so, hopefully next week, we can plant out there.

The pepper plants are doing great and really want it to be warmer outside so they can be transplanted into the Greenhouse.  The nights are just too cold right now.
We lost several flowers during these nights even though they were covered with the tray lids, sometimes doubled, and frost blanket on top of all of that.

Until next post, stay warm and drive safely.

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