Friday, 26 May 2017

Okay, it's time to plant

I believe we can now plunk our plants into the ground, BUT you might want to keep an old sheet handy to throw over them if those night temps drop below 3C.  I check the weather station several times a day, not so much for the high temperatures but mainly for the lows.  It changes so often.    

I put out several trays of lettuces, herbs and tomatoes this week to harden them off (get them used to the real world).  It rained so hard yesterday afternoon and evening I had to empty the trays of water before saying "Good Night" to all.  

We're still up-potting some tomatoes but already have a good variety for you which have been quickly growing and looking forward to their new homes.  The pepper plants we started in January and February, are very ready to be in garden beds.  

See the "Prices" tab here for varieties of PLANTS FOR SALE SATURDAY MAY 27 AND SUNDAY MAY 28 8:00 A.M TO 5 P.M.

I'm usually here every day during the week too, but it's best to call or email if you're thinking of coming on a weekday.  I might be out delivering.  

See you tomorrow or Sunday! 

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