Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Very exciting - broccoli and garlic scapes

Well, this should make good eatin' for the weekend, broccoli and garlic scapes will be ready any day now - mmmmmmm.  The bags o' greens, tomato, pepper and herb plants are selling well at the Farmers' Market as well as the herb pots.  Heather and I had put together a few lettuce pots which are popular as well, we put in a few varieties so you can just pick from a nice cool spot on your deck.  I love to have an herb pot in a sunny spot by the door so I can snip whilst cooking, sometimes if the weather is bad I just don't feel like running out to the gardens.   The beans, snow peas and peas are getting taller, must get some trellis up there soon.  And of course, must get more potatoes in, we've planted about two-thirds so far.  Sunflowers, squashes, cukes and melons are coming up.  I feel like the plants and I are running a crazy race, where we all win in the end, but it's quite exhausting at times.  Camera's batteries are out so must buy new ones today, have had time to weed some of the flower gardens, no urgency there, it's really quite peaceful, the result is already complete, just need to cut and bring in to enjoy.

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