Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Please Take Care of Yourself

One thing that’s somewhat hard to do over the holiday season is to stay healthy.  We’re exposed to more people than usual, who are exposed to more people than usual . . .   We get busy with shopping, baking, wrapping, attending various Christmas dinners and parties and then forget to take care of ourselves.  The foods offered to us are rich, full of empty calories and very often foods our bodies aren’t used to eating in such large amounts.  They and the alcohol are so tempting and fun.  We end up losing sleep for these reasons whether it be from over-eating/drinking or worrying about that last gift we didn’t pick up.   The next thing we know we have a) the flu; b) a cold; c) fatique; d) depression; or e) any or all of the above.  We are sick.

The December Alive magazine has you covered on how to take care of yourself.  It takes a bit of restraint, but certainly will pay off in the end. 

Try adding a little soda water to your wine – make a spritzer. 

Make sure for every food rich with cream or sugar you eat you replace it with something green.  Sprouts and shoots are great for this.  Toss them into any salad.  Sprinkle a few shoots over your bowl of soup.  Bring sunflower shoots and/or pea shoots with you to your city friends’ home and impress them with how up to speed you are on the latest superfoods.  Bring some to your country neighbour and relative’s tables to introduce them to a new nutrition source.

Balance is the key to ensuring your body is being fed its fibre, magnesium (for sleep), and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits.  Keeping your stomach comfortably satisfied by eating slower, standing around the veggie tray instead of the chip bowl, grabbing a few almonds for energy now and again and generally listening to your body will help you maintain the best you for the entire holidays.  Remember to drink plenty of water – drinking water is your skin and body’s best friend. 

If you’re entertaining, try to see that your guests are fed balancedly (you can use my new word).  Throw some nuts and fruits onto that cheese tray.  Try cheese on cucumber medallions instead of crackers.  Make your own dips whenever you can to avoid those store bought sugar laden sauces and dressings.   Eat organic whenever you can.   The rule of thumb for most veggies is:   if its organic – wash before eating it;  if it isn’t organic, wash and peel before eating it. 

Think before you give.  Is it local?  Is it organic?  Is it harmful to someone’s health?  Perhaps giving a few little chocolates rather than a whole box is best.  Fermented foods such as Phoebe’s Ferments are easily found here in Kemptville.   If you are concerned about your own health or someone’s whom you care very much about, consider giving a gift of a nutritional consulation with Wholesum Approach.  Heather’s Healthy Harvest and Nature’s Way in town can provide so many good-for-you stocking stuffers.  All of us really care about you.

Okay, enough rambling.  The celery is done for this year, like frozen limp done.  The basil plants I started are getting their second leaves.   I’m letting them grow to sell to you in the new year if you’d like and to make pesto – I miss pesto. 

The herb bundles are ready for your stuffing.  Pea shoots and Sunflower shoots are plenty this week, especially lots of the pea shoots. 

This week I offer to you:
Garlic  $2 and $1 each or $10 / pound  (who wouldn’t be happy to receive garlic for Christmas?)
Herbs, dried bundle of Sage, Thyme and Savory  $3/bundle
Herbs, fresh:  Citrus Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme  $2/bunch
Pea Shoots  $2 bag OR $4 bag
Sunflower Shoots  $2 bag OR $4 bag
Granola, with fruit  (choose two of either barberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries)  $8 /500mL jar  
Granola, with nuts and fruit (choose two of either almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts AND one of the above fruits) $10 /500mL jar
Or I can choose, you choose whether you choose or I choose J
If you’d like me to make granola, let me know by Wednesday afternoon.  I can do that Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.  I’ll delivery to you Thursday.  I’m also around Saturday morning if you need to pick up any last minute Day Brightener’s food.  And I’m heading into Ottawa Saturday afternoon if you’d like something delivered to you in the Nation’s Capital.  It can be arranged.   

In case I don’t see you before Sunday, I wish you a very Merry Christmas or any particular celebration you may be having.  Stay safe and keep healthy. 


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