Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Greenery in December - oh yes

So here I am wandering around the house aimlessly wondering what to do with myself – hang on, that’s not true at all.   Every hour is packed full, it’s just not as rushed as in summer and fall.  

I dug out some sage, thyme and savory from under the snow yesterday, brought them in, cleaned them up and am drying them in preparation for your turkey stuffing in two and a half weeks.  I’ve also been drying some hot peppers to grind them for powder.  

For the last few days I was clearing snow from the roof of the small greenhouse with the dome roof, shovelling, shovelling and shovelling.  The new Greenhouse has a peaked roof and is eleven feet tall so I won’t need to clear any snow from that one real soon.  

All the onions that will be coming out of the field rows are out.  They did start to re-grow in the ground so the plan is to plant them in the Greenhouse, hopefully tomorrow.  I’m hoping that the ones we left will grow again in the spring. 

Organizing saved seeds is now a small part of my every day routine.  

AND every single day I check on the Greens we planted about a month ago.  They are doing great!  These Greens combined with the micro-greens growing in the house right now will make wonderful salads for us all at Christmastime.  I could squeak a few bags out this week but it would take them too long to grow back.   Me thinks the smarter thing to do is let all salad fixings, indoors and out, grow another week in order to provide you with some for the Christmas weekend.  I’ll get back to you to see if delivering Friday the 16th or Wednesday the 21st would be best, or maybe both – we’ll see. 

The best thing going on here, besides the Sprouts of course, is the Shoots – Pea Shoots and Sunflower Shoots – which I learned are also called micro-greens.  You taught me last week that you really love shoots so I doubled the amount I grew this week.  Sunflowers take one week.  Peas take two weeks.  They’re growing under lights so they need air circulation and hydration one to three times daily so I spritz, water and fan at various intervals each day.  

happy sunnys, peas, kale and mesclun mix 

I’ll make granola and applesauce this afternoon from organic apples I bought last week.  Barkley’s tells me they have no organic apples left on their farm.  They were very popular this year.  I’m happy for that and hoping this will convince more growers to not spray their trees.   

I picked so much chard and celery for you last week, it’ll take them another week to recuperate.    

I started basil plants and will let you know when they’re ready.  
If you would like me to grow extra sunflower or pea shoots for you for the holiday season, let me know this week so I can plan that.   

This week, I can provide you with the following:
Garlic  $2 and $1 each or $10 / pound   (who wouldn’t be happy to receive garlic for Christmas?)
Herbs, fresh:  Citrus Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme  $2/bunch
Pea Shoots  $2 bag OR $4 bag
Sunflower Shoots  $2 bag OR $4 bag

Applesauce  $3 /500mL jar

Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar

Sprouts:  $3/bag
Crunchy Bean Mix  (peas, lentils & garbanzos)
Sandwich Booster  (clover, alfalfa, radish and mustard)  
Spring Salad Mix  (broccoli, radish, alfalfa & clover) 
any of which I might have some left after the pre-orders are packaged up.  

Day Brighteners is a non-certified organic farm, where we practice sustainability and environmentally-friendly farming.  We use non-GMO seeds and products and take pride in all we do.  You are very welcome to drop by most days, but if it’s picking/packing/delivery day you take your chances on the tour.  Calling or emailing first is a good idea.  We do appreciate your business very much and would like to hear from you with any comments you have.  

If you'd like to purchase any of the above items, I'd be happy to provide them if available after our regular customers have ordered.  Perhaps you might like to be added to our Weekly Delivery List.  I send my email out every Wednesday, collect orders Thursdays and deliver Fridays (or another day convenient to us and you if you're not too close to home).  See Contact information and email or call me.  Thanks.
Until next post, have a great every day.  

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