Saturday, 23 May 2015

What did you buy again?

this looks a little sloppy but it was a lot of work to do and I don't know how to attach an attachment onto this blog - sorry 'bout that


If  label reads      You bought                                        Details
CUK LEM              Cucumber, Lemon                             round, yellow tennis-ball-size fruits, high yielding, tolerates drought
CUK MM              Cucumber, Marketmore                  7-8” long dark green, great for eating fresh
CUK NP                 Cucumber, National Pickling           Highly-productive, disease-resistant vines start producing early
& produce an abundance of dark green fruit, crisp white flesh, black spines, retains quality over a longer season than most. Fruit can be picked small (2-3") for gherkins or larger (5-6") for full-sized pickles
CUK TG                 Cucumber, Tendergreen                   straight, thick, tender cucumber, skin is medium-green with fine black spines, pickling or salads

BSL GEN                Basil, Genovese                                 large leaf, best for pesto and bruschetta
BSL GK                  Basil, Greek                                        compact, perfect for containers
BSL LMN                              Basil, Lemon                                      great for tea and in vinegar
BSL LIM             Basil, Lime                                 zesty lime scent 
BSL Ti                    Basil, Thai                                           distinctive anise scent & flavour/Thai & Vietnamese cooking 
BSL SWT DB          Basil, Sweet                                       
PRSLY, IT               Parsley, Italian                                  
SG                         Sage                                                   
PPR ROF                 Pepper, Ring of Fire Cayenne           hot, high yielding              
PPR LRC                Pepper, Long Red Cayenne              fiery hot, dries well
PPR Ti                   Pepper, Thai                                       loads of tiny red very hot peppers, dries well, save seeds
PPR HHW             Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax            medium heat, fresh in salads, or pickle for appetizer
PPR MSW             Pepper, Marconi Sweet Red            fruits can grow to 8-12" long and are 3" across at the shoulders,
                                                                        start out green, mature to fire-engine red, are incredibly sweet,
wonderful roasted or grilled, staked plant, can grow to 30"
PPR BC                  Pepper, Bulgarian Carrot Hot          very hot, long fruit that resemble carrots, good for salsas, chutney
 and roasting. Growing to 18" tall, 
PPR JAL                 Pepper, Jalapeno                               short, 2-3" fruits, thick-skin and juicy and are great eaten fresh,
cooked, dried, and in salsa
PPR HAB                              Pepper, Habanero                             hottest chile
PPR HP                 Pepper, Hot Portugal                        Long, thin, bright-red fruit, very hot, produced abundantly on
 sturdy plants
PPR DES                Pepper, D’Espellette                         really, really HOT
PPR AP                 Pepper, Alma Paprika                      loads of small, thick-skin, 2" round peppers mature from yellow to
                                                                       orange to red. Distinctive taste - very sweet/ bit of bite
PPR RB                  Pepper, Red Bell                                large, for fresh eating in salads or cook
PPR ORNG            Pepper, Tangerine Pimento             orange, thick skin, round, sweet
PPR RRP                Pepper, Red Ruffled Pimento          medium, compact bushy plant, sweet fruit
SQ DEL                  Squash, delicata                                winter, cylindrical fruits, which are cream-coloured with green stripes
SQ TQ                    Squash, Table Queen                         sweet golden yellow that turns more orange in storage and the rind
 is dark green and ribbed, fruits grow to 6"

SQ B BUT              Squash, Burgess Buttercup               winter squash, produces 3-4 lb. blocky, dark green fruits, tender
golden flesh is dense-textured, rich, buttery flavour, good storage
SQ SK               Squash, Sweet Keeper                 winter, tremendous storage ability, blue/grey fruit grows to 10-15 lbs
on long vining stems, bright orange flesh is very sweet, excellent for roasting or baking
ZK BB                Zucchini, Black Beauty                summer, earliest and most productive of the black/green zucchinis,
dark green and straight
SQ TKS TRBN    Squash, Turk`s Turbin               winter - bright orange fruits striped with cream & olive-green. grown for
both decoration & eating, grows to 6 lbs and up to 8" wide, the fruits
have light orange, fine-textured flesh that is good for baking or roasting
SQ SP                Squash, Spaghetti                      winter - need to fully mature before harvesting
SQ YCN             Squash, Crookneck                    light yellow fruit with crooked neck, white, sweet flesh, pick when
skin can be cut with a fingernail
ZUK GLD           Zucchini, Golden                        summer - produces bright golden-yellow fruits in abundance.
WHT PPN           Pumpkin, White                         

TOM PR                Tomato, Purple Russian                beautiful, juicy, plum paste tomatoes 3-4" long, meaty &
blemish-free, heavy producer
TOM RC                Tomato, Red Cherry                          small round abundant with fruits
TOM SM                              Tomato, San Marzano                      heart-shaped fruits, sweet, few seeds, excellent sauce tomato
TOM YP                Tomato, Yellow Pear                         loads of small pear-shaped tomatoes, attractive colour
TOM BL PLM        Tomato, Black Plum                          paste tomato creates a beautiful dark sauce, 2" fruits ripen from
deep mahogany to black-brown, heavy yielder
TOM PK PL           Tomato, Pink plum                           large pink, plum shaped, great for fresh eating and sauces
TOM BSt or BS     Tomato, Belstar                                 matures earlier than most plum tomatoes, large fruit, compact
plants loads for fresh eating & wonderful sauce
TOM GIL           Tomato, Gilbertie                       long, narrow red fruits with crook at their end have thick, meaty
Flesh, perfect for soups and sauces and grilling, prolific producer
TOM ROP             Tomato, Ropreco                                             outstanding paste & sauce tomato, very early maturing, produces
an average of 30-35, bright red, meaty, 2 oz. fruits/plant, makes delicious sauce, well-suited to short season area, disease-resistant
TOM GD            Tomato, Gardener’s Delight        Packed with bite-size fruit which are extremely sweet in flavour
TOM GZ           Tomato, Green Zebra                lovely yellow/green stripes, citrus flavour, great for guacamole too

TOM RMA        Tomato, Roma                          oval, meaty red fruits that are perfect for sauce, paste & salsa

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