Sunday, 24 May 2015

I get thrilled about Other People's Gardens too

It was so exciting to see the shoppers here yesterday.  Gardeners love to talk about their own gardens, successes and attempts.  We're always ready to learn, or re-learn.  It's always fun to discuss what other gardeners and cooks do with their home grown veggies.

In looking through my list of Tomatoes and Peppers, you may have gathered I'm into the sauce veggies.  (no I'm not into the sauce, I mean salsas, peppers, pizza and tomato sauces, etc.)  Our growing and fresh-eating season is so very short that we must keep those wonderful true flavours with us throughout the "cold months", in turn reminding us with every bite that Spring will, indeed, return again.

The Plant Sale will re-open Wednesday May 27 at 9:00.  I'm usually not too far away, but to be sure, give me a call or email if you know you're coming over.  That way I can set down that rake, hoe, hose, garden cart of transplants or wheelbarrow full of grass clippings to spend some valuable time with you when you come.  I also love giving the tour if you have time.  

Thanks again for dropping by yesterday.

Until next post, have a great every day.

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