Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Happy Wednesday, Happy Week, Happy Spring, Happy Happy!

Doesn't the sun just massage energy into your whole being?  It's hard to believe that last Friday we were up to our knees in water and mud.  Then came the rain, the wind, the sun and yesterday we were kneeling on the ground weeding out garden rows, planting carrot seeds and transplanting companion flowers and not getting wet.  Go figure.  

We've been up-potting peppers, tomatoes, herbs and flowers almost every day and watching all our little ones facing and racing towards the light.  We've now planted almost all of the tomatoes that will grow here (I found a variety we haven't yet planted so will do that this week).  We've planted with everyone in mind - for the Plant Sale, good eating during the summer and for sauces to be put up in jars for the Winter months.  We also started some eggplant seeds.  Eggplant is just fun to grow and such a treat to eat - mmmmm think pizza, stir-fry, lasagna - mmmmm.  We've seeded in the little old Greenhouse, the plan being we should be eating salad greens from there until we can harvest from the outdoor gardens. The radish seeds we planted in November are showing signs of life and we have a lovely toad standing guard over the whole affair.  
a few trays- several hundred plants

Interim Salad Greens starting

plants and some hundreds of
 tomatoes on heat mats

waiting to move outdoors
We made "pallet tables" in the new Greenhouse which are now holding trays of new tomatoes, kales, broccoli, cabbages, herbs, leeks, onion varieties and flower seedlings.  We've built more shelves and installed more lights and heating mats in the house for the abundance of peppers and starter tomatoes until it's time for them to all live outdoors.  

In a few weeks, when the floor in the bigger Greenhouse is actually soil and not pure boot-sucking mud, we'll start some rows of cukes and the starter plants of squash varieties which many of you will choose for your own gardens. We decided to build a few raised boxes for the specialty cukes like the Soyu Long and the English which do much better in a greenhouse than outside. 

We'll be prepping more rows today, planting golden and red beet seeds and making trellises for the peas and beans.  We still have some up-potting of newer tomatoes and various other veggies to keep us busy indoors for the next few rainy days.

Oh, and we're getting ten more chickens by the end of this week some bantam d'uccles and more silkies - they are so pretty. 

That's it for now.  You may notice less posts nowadays, we're just busy outside, which is a wonderful thing.  Grounding and earthing, good for our health and well being.  

Until next post, have a great every day.

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  1. Love to see all your happy seedlings growing happily, happy spring indeed! We moved a whole lot of the starters outside (cold frame) today, to harden them even more. Look forward to planting :).