Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April showers, yes and April wind, Big Wind

Trying to keep the backyard furniture in the backyard is an issue these days.  We bought a couple of IKEA items, table and chairs, which are really heavy and weren't moved at all by the wind the last few days.  But the lightweight stuff - right across, upside down and sideways - yup. 

Our seedlings are doing great!  
We're running out of table space in the greenhouses as every 72-plant tray we up-pot turns into four 18-plant trays.  That's a lot of trays of future food.  

Seven new chickens moved in last weekend, 3 silkies and 4 d'uccles.
We get about 3 eggs a day now, the newest hens are about 6 months old and are starting to lay eggs.  They're awfully adorable, both the chickens and their eggs.  I'm thinking of selling the eggs 1/2 dozen at a time at first, until each girl steps up to the plate and contributes to the cause.  

I got a good response on the new Sprout Blend last week so am preparing that one again.  I'm hoping to have for your eating enjoyment next week (subject to weather co-operation of course) baby sorrel, thyme, sage, baby arugula, small portions of salad greens.  Pay particular attention to the "subject to weather" part.  The snow peas are becoming more recognizable each day - future yumminess.   

We'll be at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair Sunday April 26 - 10-2 at the Municipal Center.  I'll have some Sprouts with me if you find you've run out by then and can't get through another day without them.


Until next post, have a great every day.  

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