Monday, 6 August 2012

Some Pics after the lovely rain

Great News! We checked the potatoes to see how bad things were AND they are fine!  Yield is not as high as we would have liked, but despite the awful looking tops, the potatoes under the soil are wonderful.  Let's hear it for potatoes - hip hip hooray!

Alma Paprika Peppers
Reach for the Sky- tomatoes

Marconi Sweet Peppers, almost ready
The Greenhouse is looking very different than
when we first began, as I look back at the pictures.

Butterhead Lettuce
This is not a cucumber
Lettuce, looking like a poster
Celery, not ready yet, but looking
and smelling pretty good

Happy it's not too hot out now
Hail to the Hardy
Peaking around at the camera

           Look who's minding the store, I saw her Saturday, she was so tiny, all legs and a little body.
                                       Sunday she was 5 times larger, this morning she's stunning!
Isn't she a beauty!

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