Friday, 3 August 2012

Let the colours begin

FINALLY! The tomatoes are starting to redden up, the cukes are looking more cukey, the peppers are changing from green to whatever colour they're intended to be in the end, some seeds I planted which were marked "Cukes" are turning into something large and gnarley.  I do believe there was some mislabeling on my part.  The potatoes . . . well let's not go there, I do have hope, I do, I really do.  This is certainly the year of the weeds, oh and the year of the bugs, especially tomato horn worms.  Tom and I have contests to see who can find one first or find the biggest one.  We love watching the wild turkeys and their little ones early in the morning walking up and down the rows in the field gardens picking things out that I don't want to deal with.  Good for them, good for us.  The flower gardens are pretty much dying, other than the established perennials, any water we use is designated for food only.  I've been watering flowerpots with water left over from boiling corn or potatoes, which is probably better for them anyway.  The rain barrels have proven an excellent source for us to get Some water out to the beans and carrots in the field where the potatoes (oh the poor poor potatoes) are.  So we planted more carrots, sorrel and beets closer to the water source so they'll be fine.  The greens garden is absolutely wonderful as it's in the shade most of the morning, although some of the heirloom romaine went to seed when I was looking, like in A DAY!.  So we planted more.  I can always use more seeds later this summer anyway, it's all good.  I have to say the broccoli has been outstanding.  Who would have thunk?  I never grew broccoli before, it's been fantastic!  When the first batch is done, which is almost now, the next ones will kick in, then the next ones . . . you get it.  We've bought some beautiful baskets for weekly deliveries and will start next week.  Again I say FINALLY!   Yahoo! Yipee! Oh yeah.

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