Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh No - but wait - Oh Ya.

We thoroughly enjoyed the rain, steady and soft, all weekend.  I say "It's greening out" and indeed it is.  
The power went off several times in the night, the generator came on, the fan that keeps air flowing between the two layers of plastic on the Greenhouse is attached to the generator - this is a good thing.  But what a shock to hear the snowplow coming down the road in the wee light of day!!
The good thing is when there's this much snow in April, it won't be staying so it can be pretty. 

I was a bit nervous opening the doors of the Greenhouse, but wait!  I assume the snow just gave that little bit of extra insulation to protect our future food in the cold windy night.
 All is well in the world of green.  Peppers, be strong.

 There will still be salad greens for tonight's dinner.
 Everything gonna be alright.  Oh yeah.

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