Sunday, 22 April 2012

It has begun

Well, we've been busy getting the Tractor delivered, hooked up with the plow, I point at which patch needs to be newly plowed and Tom very happily gets out there.  He is enjoying the Tractor which he has named Tiny Tim and even wanted to plow in the rain yesterday.  Seemed like a bad idea, so we went to Brockville instead and bought stuff for the farm.  The Greenhouse is getting organized.  Tom moved all the pots without living things in them to the outside of the Greenhouse so we can concentrate on the living.  Heather comes from her place up the road almost every day and we up-pot for a couple of hours and organize and plan more.  We planted radishes, beets, sno peas, peas and carrots on Thursday, it was such a lovely day, now it's cold but it did RAIN and we're very pleased about that - you know you're a farmer when you're happy it rains Saturday and Sunday - what's with that?

So, the new greens patch is plowed but really needs to be tilled a bit before planting the greens - that'll be next week - busy office week for us ahead.


It is wonderful to have the flowers making us smile all on their own, they need no care, just daylight and someone to look at them.

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