Friday, 29 June 2018

Cooking with Fresh Herbs

What’s for dinner you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Last night we enjoyed a lovely pan-fried salmon filet with wild rice.  The best part was the garlic scapes gently sautéed in myer lemon olive oil and a pinch of Himalayan salt which were sprinkled over the salmon, rice and beet greens also sautéed in the same olive oil.  Every lunch or dinner now we enjoy lettuce, sometimes alone with a lovely infused olive oil and red or white balsamic vinegar and sometimes tossed with various other crunchy ingredients like toasted nuts or shelled sunflower seeds, a cheese of some sort, fresh or dried fruit, shredded or sliced radish or carrots, sun-dried tomatoes – whatever has colour and is within my reach at that moment.  What do you put in your salad?   
Some of you wondered out loud what the difference might be between the Lettuce Variety Mix and the Salad Greens.   
The Lettuce Variety Mix is heads of lettuce we cut at the base, tear off any undesirable looking leaves and gently place in a bag for you to wash and combine to make precisely the salad you want.  This Mix may contain any of the lettuces we grow here such as Australian Yellow Leaf, Black-Seeded Simpson, Boston, Cracoviensis, Flame, Heirloom Romaine, Iceberg, Red Salad Bowl, Royal Red, Green or Red Deer Tongue, Speckled, Sunset, Tango to name a few. 
Salad Greens are a combination of lettuces, mustards, herbs, flower petals and some leaves, chard, beet greens, arugula, chicory, spinaches and baby leaves of most of the above “Mix” lettuces.  We wash all of these, spin them dry and package them for you to serve up immediately either with or without your own additions. 
Usually I would include basil as one of the herbs BUT I believe Basil belongs in its own category today.  Did you know there are more than 40 varieties of Basil.  It is a member of the mint family and such a wonderful herb you can use in so many dishes, such as Pesto, which many of us love.  Greek Basil has tiny little leaves packing a rich strong flavour and is used to spice up salads and soups.  Genovese Basil and Large Leaf Italian Basil are the favourite of pizza chefs.  Purple Basil boasts the loveliest smell with a hint of floral aroma.  Lemon Basil and Lime Basil smell like their names and add a nice touch to fish dishes and iced tea.  Holy Basil, also known as Sacred Basil, has leaves which can be used to make tea for boosting your immune system.  These are the kinds we grow here from which you can choose. 
And since we have so much basil, why not blend this fantastic herb with our garlic scapes to create that pesto yumminess we’ve been missing since last summer.
What will you choose from the following list this week?
APPLES, organic, dehydrated  $2 / snack bag
BASIL:  NEW  Genovese, Greek, Holy, Large Leaf Italian, Lemon, Lime, Purple  $3 / bunch
BEET GREENS   NEW   $4 / bunch  sold out
CHARD  $3 / bunch
Edible FLOWERS    $3 / bag
GARLIC SCAPES   $3 / bundle of 10
HERBS, fresh:  Chives, Citrus Thyme, Dill, Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, Stinging Netlte   $3 / bunch
KALE   $4 / bunch
LETTUCE VARIETY MIX:   $4 / bag   
MICROGREEN MIX:  broccoli, cress and kale   $3 bag
MUSTARD GREENS (red and green)  $3 / bunch            
PESTO, Garlic Scape and Basil   NEW  $5 / 125 mL jar
RADISHES   $3 / bunch   
Red ORACH   $4 / bag
SALAD GREENS, washed and table-ready  $6 / bag   sold out
SNOW PEAS  NEW   $4 / bag  sold out but can pick and wash more with enough notice :)
SPROUTS  $3 / bag
  Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  
  Spring Salad Mix (broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa)
Tomatoes, frozen whole  (Gardener's Delight - ping pong ball size) $2 / pound  

I deliver to Kemptville Friday afternoons, to Merrickville and Ottawa at some point each weekend.  You can also pick up your order here.
I look forward to receiving Your Special Order.  Call or email me with amounts you’d like and any questions.  

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