Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Haven't been away, just busy, as usual this time of year

Salad, microgreens, sprouts, etc.

Several of you have been on board with me delivering your various greens to you in non-plastic bag-like containers.  I bought many glass bowls with tight fitting lids when they were on sale at CTC and we’ve been exchanging one for the other for a couple of weeks.  If you would like to play a part in reducing plastic bag usage, I think Day Brighteners is a small enough business that I can deliver product to you in your own containers.  If you provide me with a re-usable container or two or three or four, I can fill it or them with what you order.  Let’s say you always order sunflower shoots, you can keep me supplied with your own container large enough for the shoots, I’ll bring them to you in that container in exchange for a new clean empty one.  This can be done with most things you order. 

Lucky for Local

At the North Grenville Summit 2018 a couple of weekends ago Jim Beverage spoke in detail about how he has spent many years keeping true to local producers and basically fighting the system which tells him where to buy his grocery store supplies.  I am somewhat embarrassed to say, although I’ve lived here for 27 years, I hadn’t met Jim until a month or so ago at another event at the College Campus to do with supplying local food to the community.  We started a conversation that day and continued it at the Summit. 

I’m very pleased to say Jim is now selling my product at his B&H Your Community Grocer’s Store in Kemptville.  Along with Heather’s Healthy Harvest, Healthily Ever After, Yellow Canoe CafĂ©, Little Sisterz and Arlington Five I’m thrilled to be able to grow for all of these wonderful establishments. 

I’m also very grateful for those of you who have been ordering from me for about eight years and those new people who have jumped in recently.   I’m looking forward to meeting even more people interested in better health through eating local, organically grown food at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair this Sunday April 22. 

This past weekend’s lovely dump of snow, sleet, rain, ice pellets and wind kept me indoors which in turn prompted me to spend many, many hours updating my Garden Planner.  

Jennie and I, when we’re not watering, harvesting and starting new microgreens and sprouts, have been starting new greens, herbs, flowers and up-potting trays upon trays of tomato, eggplant and pepper plants.  We’re hoping to push some peas into the soil and transplant some rapini and broccoli next week.  Yes I said “hoping”.  Who really knows these days.  I envision the weather will turn nice one day, every single plant will be beyond ready for transplanting and Jennie and I will be out there from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for several days desperately trying to get everything into the ground all at once – jeesh – better rest now. 

I'm in the process of updating the Price List for the upcoming Plant Sale this year.

We are eating the following right now:

Apples, organic, dehydrated  $2 bag
Baby Arugula  $4 bag
MICROGREENS:  $2 / bag
  Pea Shoots
  Red Cabbage
  Sunflower Shoots
MICROGREEN MIX:  (arugula, basils, curly cress, kale, parsley, radish, red cabbage, spring salad)  $3 bag
Salad Greens, washed and table ready  $6 bag  
SPROUTS  $3 / bag
   Ancient Eastern Blend NEW again (fenugreek, lentils, kamut & adzuki
   Crunchy Bean Mix  (peas, lentils & garbanzos)
   Sandwich Booster (clover, alfalfa, radish & mustard)  
   Spring Salad Mix (broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa)
Tomato Sauce  $6 /500mL jar  sealed

Call or email me with amounts you’d like delivered and any questions.  

Until next post, have a great every day.


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