Thursday, 4 January 2018

staying warm these days?

Happy New Year 2018 to all!

The kids were elsewhere at Christmastime so we’ve been enjoying their company this week instead.  I have Pea Shoots and Radish Microgreens right now and will be starting everything else in full swing this weekend. The armchair gardening in January and February is as exciting as the actual outside event. 

We’ll start leeks and basil next week, hot peppers in a couple of weeks and then will really take off in February.  When it was -18C last week outside, it was -2C in the greenhouse so I am looking forward to working out there. 

The arugula, spinach, herbs and salad greens, etc. under cover out there are also looking forward to warmer days and nights to become food for us around end of Feburary or beginning of March.

If you would like anything from me this week I do have the following foods and am happy to bring them to you:
Apples, dehydrated  $2 /snack bag
Granola, with fruit  $8 /500mL jar  I’ll make it when you order
Granola, with nuts and fruit  $10 /500mL jar  I’ll make it when you order
Hummus:   chickpeas*, tahini*, olive oil*, lemon juice*, garlic*, a teeny bit of ground hot pepper* and cumin  (*organic)  $5 250/mL jar  I’ll make it when you order
Microgreens, Daikon Radish  $2 / bag
Pea Shoots  $2 / bag   
Tomato Sauce  $6 /500mL jar  sealed
Tomatoes, dehydrated  $2 /snack bag
Tomatoes, frozen   $4 /4Cup package  great for sauces and soups
Tomatoes, Gardeners’ Delight (ping pong ball size) frozen whole  $3 pound

I look forward to receiving Your Special Order.  Call or email me with amounts you’d like and any questions you may have.  Remember you can order any day


Until next post, have a great every day.

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