Thursday, 10 August 2017

To wash or not to wash

What are we telling you on those labels?  Salad Greens are always washed and table-ready which means we have cleaned them back and forth and up and down until the water they are in is crystal clear and spun-dried them until your greens are clean, dry enough and ready to eat. 

Sometimes we’re pressed for time and not able to wash some vegetables thoroughly (like kale or chard) for a number of reasons:  one of our team is away so we’re under-staffed; rain the night before or early morning has splashed up a lot of dirt from the ground onto that vegetable; we get too busy picking one vegetable and don’t want to not have a particular item available due to washing another thoroughly.  However, we do remove 95% of anything undesirable from all vegetables, they’re just not quite “table-ready”.   We communicate this to you by printing “Washed” or “Please Wash” on the label.  This will happen more frequently as a larger amount of produce becomes available.  We don’t want to lose the nutritional value or freshness by picking too many days before delivery so we leave everything in the ground as long as possible and scramble to get everything picked, washed and packed.  So read your label to see the best action to take. 

Speaking of under-staffed I’m looking for someone to help us here Thursday and/or Friday mornings for the rest of August.  If you are that person or know of someone please have them email or call me.  Thanks. 

Tomatoes are looking great for everyone next week.  We do have some ready now, more by Friday but it’s a first-come/first-served game this week.  In a week or two we'll have so many and you will know about it for sure.  I almost fell over when I went to pick a few cukes for an order and picked FOURTEEN – wow.  We pulled all the white onions yesterday which are now sitting washed and awaiting your order.  They don’t keep like the other onions.  Some red onions are ready now.  I’m afraid the beans are pathetic this year.  I have never had problems with beans in the past – we’ll put this year down to a fail in that department.  We’ll still keep trying.  What can I say?

Garlic will be nicely cured and prettied up for you by next week. 

Order OnLine
This past week, I've been working diligently to set up my Local Line store.  Local Line is an ordering system that makes it easier for you to select the products you want and place an order every week. I’m making life easier for you.  This also helps me keep track of your orders and my own inventory levels.  There you’ll see my catalogue with pictures and a little description of some of the items.  It was fun to spend some time doing this and I’ll be adding more as we go. 

The Local Line store makes it easy for you to select your products, choose pickup or delivery, and easily checkout with a few clicks.  For a video to show you how easy it is to place an order, go to

Click here to visit my new online store - Day Brighteners Farm Online Store.​

Let’s see how it works.  Let me know your thoughts. 

Until next post, have a great every day. 

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