Monday, 30 January 2017

Good Times Ahead

It’s nice to see the sunshine these days.  I decided last week to clear the little greenhouse of all the tired kale, chard and celery so we have a clean slate to start with.  The temps were so warm last Sunday I spent most of the day in the little greenhouse, how could I resist.  I sowed rows of green onion seeds, French breakfast radish, bok choy, tatsoi, new chard and a slew of peas.  All the spinach we planted late Fall in the larger Greenhouse is doing great with its first little leaves popping up seed still attached to each one – very promising.  We’ll see what happens and if the neighbours’ cats can keep on top of the mice.  Mice love spinach leaves and will clean up if they can.  They are so bold they’ll eat while I’m standing right there – grrrrrr.  I also scattered new spinach seeds in a fresh open space in the little greenhouse.  I just checked and the little kales I transplanted Sunday are doing great too.  My thought is we can eat all of these foods and have the raised beds cleared out before the hot peppers get plunked in.  

Speaking of peppers, if you follow me on facebook or read my blog – - you’ll know that MY SEEDS CAME IN FRIDAY!  Good times ahead around here.  Some flowers and herbs have already been started.  Carol and I put up more shelves inside to make room for the trays upon trays of peppers we started.  The tomatoes will be sown out in cells in the Greenhouse several weeks from now so they’ll be used to the fluctuating temps by the time they actually go directly outside into your gardens or ours.

In the meantime, there’s lots going on inside.  I need a fisheye lens to get the true picture of my little grow-room.  Oh, look there’s an empty shelf – I must take care of that.

I ordered new sunflower seeds from another company today so we’ll have sunnys for you in a couple of weeks.  We'll be sowing onions and leeks on Wednesday and more hot peppers on Thursday.  

I’m switching back and forth today between creating this post and working on my Garden Planner, which is very time-consuming but really, really fun.  Planning what to have ready for the Sustainability Fair is also on my To Do List.  

Everything is falling into place just as it should and always does this time of year. 

Until next post, have a great every day.  Oh and Happiest of New Years to you.  

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