Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sleigh Bells Ring - are ya listenin'?

They ring even if there's no snow.  I don't mean to be a spoil sport but wouldn't it be nice to not worry about our travelling relatives and friends over the Christmas season?  It's so easy to get around these days, the shoppers are happy, the shopkeepers are happy, the local crafters and purchasers of local crafts are so extra pleasant.  Good weather just makes people nicer, I find.  
I've been very busy here these days, and evenings, creating Christmassy foods and gift giving ideas for you, as promised.  

Here are some pictures of gift bag and basket ideas.  I'm a strong advocate of that KISS (keep it simple silly) doctrine, as you'll see.

 As I'm slipping shreddedness and tissue into the bags and baskets and cutting lovely crisp ribbons, I'm thinking of those who might like Day Brighteners Farm canned goods.  Let's see, friends, teachers, parents, anyone living on their own, bosses (unless my husband is your boss, then it won't work so well), assistants, neighbours, party hosts and hostesses . . . etc. etc. etc.  

Have a look at the bag and basket ideas, the bags are all basic natural and ribbon/tissue colours are certainly interchangeable, I tried to depict a variety of country, young, classy.  It's all quite fun.  Then, of course, there's what you'd like to include in such bag or baskets. 

The small bags (price $3) can hold one jar and perhaps a small item you may choose to add: such as garlic with a sauce, an organic chocolate bar with granola, some nuts for the applesauce . . . whatever you would like to pick up and add to such a thoughtful gift.  So add to that base price which products from our menu you'd like in the bag.  

The larger bags (price $4) hold three jars, leaving a little room for your own addition if you choose.  Now add your products from the menu below.  

The small baskets (price $6) hold two jars, such as granola and applesauce OR any combination of sauces . . . add which you choose.

The larger baskets (price $7) can hold the full meal deal (example:  a jar of tomato sauce with a package of noodles (which I can pick up at Heather's for you to include), a jar of applesauce for dessert and a jar of granola to go with the applesauce and with breakfast the next morning OR a jar of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips (which I could pick up for you at Heather's)).   I'm at Heather's regularly so I certainly don't mind picking up that extra package of noodles or tortilla chips to insert into your basket - let me know.  

I hope I explained that properly.  

Garlic  $1 each
Applesauce  $4 500mL jar

Granola:  with fruit and nuts (cranberries, pistachios and almonds)  $10 500mL jar
                 with fruit (barberries and currants)  $8 500mL jar

Onion Marmalade  $4 250mL jar

Salsa  $8 500mL jar  Hot or Quite Hot

Tomato Sauces:  $6 500mL jar

 Caesar (Celery added)
Crazy Green (made with ripe green zebra tomatoes, looks unusual, tastes great)
Crazy Green Hot
Herb (fresh garden herbs, mostly oregano and parsley)
Hot (a few hot peppers tossed in)
Hotter Hot (ring-of-fire peppers - that just sounds hot)
Just Nice  (the right amount of everything, just a pleasant tomato/pizza sauce)
Warm (just a little bitty bit of hot pepper)
Vampire Buster (deliciously garlicky - about 20+ cloves per pot instead of 2 or 3 in this sauce)

For gift bags or baskets, let me know when you need yours.  I'm fine to deliver up until Tuesday December 22nd.  Then I'm excited to be getting on with my Christmas preparations.  

I'm taking time off delivering between December 23 through January  5.  That doesn't mean I won't be growing anything here or taking care of closing up the greenhouses, watering, seed starting, etc.  You'll hear from me again by January 6. 
 If you are not on our delivery list, this would be a good time to add yourself before I start planning the gardens for 2016.  Send me an email or call me if you're in our area and want to receive Day Brighteners Farm non-GMO, organically grown produce, herbs, edible flowers and/or sprouts weekly.  


And do remember to exercise, particularly after all of that eating over the holidays.  Nancy at The Workshop Dance Studio has just the ticket for you.  

Until next post, have a great every day.

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