Friday, 21 November 2014

Weekly Delivery 2015

We would be delighted to deliver Excellent Organic Produce, Herbs and Edible Flowers to you next season.  Deliveries usually begin around March, after the "dark months" are done.  

We grow the usual suspects of summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and bean varieties.  I like to say we specialize in Salad Greens because that is our biggest seller and has been for the last 3 or 4 years.  We grow various kinds of summer and winter squash, root veggies such as onions, leeks, beets, turnips, parsnips.  We grow fall veggies - cabbage, kale and chard.  Then there's the other foods like celery, broccoli, the list goes on.

Herbs love to grow here and we've expanded our list of edible flowers, which we also include in the Salad Greens as often as possible.
Do you have a favourite food that you'd like us to grow?  We could add that to our seed order which we'll place in the new year.  

I strongly encourage everyone to grow as much or as little as you can yourself so we sell hundreds of plants to new and avid gardeners at the end of May each year.  I like to save most of my own seeds from the previous year's harvest. 

I hate wasting food so have begun preserving and/or dehydrating any food that may not sell at the end of each week so it's always fresh.  

Delivery:  Each customer on the Weekly Delivery List will receive an email on Wednesday setting out what foods and/or plants are available that week.  Customers that are interested in purchasing from this list will order by Thursday afternoon.  Deliveries are made Friday to your home or office.  We understand that it's more exciting to eat a variety and maybe try new items from time to time, rather than receiving the same food each week.  Sometimes people are just too busy to eat at home one week, or might be on holiday for a week or two and would prefer not to order.  We're not offended by this at all.  We know you'll want to order again as soon as possible. 

Payment:  Most of our customers pay cash at time of delivery, some provide a certain amount every few weeks and whittle away at that until they owe more.  Also, some people prefer to stop by and pick up their order as they're not quite sure what they'd like.  Seeing all the colours growing here is very inspiring to eat well.  The farm is open to visitors, we love showing off the work we do.  

If you have friends or family who might be interested in the services offered by Day Brighteners Farm, please let them know about us, let us know about them.  We currently deliver to North Grenville area and parts of Ottawa.


Joanne Tipler, Owner and Farmer
Organic Produce, Herbs and Edible Flowers (and canned goods too)
805 Slater Road
Kemptville (Heckston), Ontario  
K0G 1J0

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