Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Keeping up to date

I have today decided that if I post the email that I send to our Delivery Customers each week, you can get a better understanding of what's growing on around here, so here you go. 

Good Wednesday morning.  It's dark outside these mornings . . . and evenings . . . but that doesn't mean anything stops around here, it just slows down slightly in order to take a breath or two. 
We've been making all gardens larger and creating new ones for next year, cleaning up what's left of this year, having compost delivered and spread, tilling, planting and re-arranging in the current Greenhouse and seeding for the new Greenhouse to arrive NEXT WEEK (very excited). We've been collecting and storing seeds for next year.  I try to save as many seeds from our own plants as possible, saving money and knowing exactly what to expect next season. That said, a seed order is on its way here from Cottage Gardener with what we'll start between now and January (hot peppers for Wilf and Ada's Restaurant included therein).   While we're cleaning up, we can't help but recall only a few months ago, several weeks ago really, we were in bare feet and outside by 6 a.m.  Not so much now, 8:30 is more like it, no complaints of heat, only enjoyment if the sun happens to shine on us.  
We harvested some of the beets yesterday, leaving the rest to grow a tad more.  The celery isn't growing quite as tall as a month ago, but it's doing just fine.  The kale is so happy that the caterpillars aren't chewing on its leaves anymore.  
I've been dehydrating stuff, like tomatoes, apples, pineapple, kale (think kale powder for smoothies), herbs.  
I guess it was a bad year for broccoli, every single plant went to seed (too hot in late September).  BUT all parts of the plants are quite edible, delicious and nutritious. You may have already noticed broccoli and mustard flowers are in the Salad Greens :-)

If you're not already on our Weekly Delivery List and want to eat excellent, organic, nutritious, delicious and local food, let us know. We can make that happen for you.  We deliver Friday in the North Grenville area.  Downtown(ish) Ottawa is an option as well.  And we're looking into joining the North Gower Farmers' Market in the 2015 season.  Stay tuned for that bit.  
Also, we're happy to be supplying hot peppers to Wilf and Ada's Restaurant at Bank and Arlington in Ottawa.  Heather's Harvest in Kemptville is starting to sell our produce and soon will have our dried herbs on her shelf.  

Have a great week!

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