Sunday, 9 June 2013

Still Some Plants for You

Today promises to be SUNNY - yes!  We're still pushing plants into the garden beds.  What a beautiful rain the last few days but the cold doesn't work for my joints.  Yesterday I removed (if you can every really remove) goutweed from a garden and exposed some lovely astilbe, bellflower and sundrops.  Long live the astilbe, bellflower and sundrops!
Everything planted is now showing itself.  The potatoes have doubled in height and need to be hilled today.  The beans and snow peas are starting to flower.  I stopped at Greta's yesterday to pick up . . . yes . . .more seeds.  Must start a new batch of Greens, the present ones are going fast with Weekly Deliveries and New Weekly Deliveries - very exciting.  The Crusty Baker is now serving up Day Brighteners Greens with her sandwiches - check it out.
The new (old) Herb Garden is starting to take shape, not sure what shape that is exactly, but it's looking more like an herb garden than an ant and mulch farm.
I trust everyone will enjoy today no matter what you're up to.
If you're up to planting, come out to see what we have for your garden.  No need to call first today, we'll be here 9-4.  We have herb pots, edible flower pots and several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc. . .
Oh, and we're not at the Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers' Market much these days, we find the new hours too long, getting up two hours earlier on our Sundays and sitting for four hours at the Market when there is so much to be done here strikes us as not very efficient use of our time, keeping in mind that we also work long hours all week and really do need SOME rest.  So if you need anything, give us a call, we'd be happy to open our Farm Gate for you anytime or deliver to you Wednesday if you are on our route.  Our route is expanding so don't be afraid to ask.
If I'm holding on to plants for you, please come to pick them up today or call me because they won't do well much longer in their current pots.  Then they will be useless to anyone.


  1. we heard y'all had ducks. where are the pictures?

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