Monday, 20 May 2013

The Girls and Plant Sale

So we're getting one egg a day, between the two chickens.  I take the egg, they create a fussy noise and I bring them back lovely greens from the garden that I'm thinning out anyway like carrots (they Love carrots) and sorrell and anything that's going to seed.  Tom gave them a couple of worms that were under the area where he was setting up the new rain barrels, apparently that was a hit.
They went outside today!  They found out how good the grass is, and scratched the dirt around their house and rolled in it for hours, then had a little rest in it, then pecked at some more grass and went home for the night.  How cute is that?

I'm holding on to your plants for you, middle of May is too soon to plant any tender veggies and herbs.  So you can come by anytime this week or next if you call first and let me know OR come out to the Plant Sale Saturday May 25 starting at 9 until whenever and Saturday June 1 starting at 9 until whenever.
Tom and I are looking forward to seeing you.

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